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This is the link to our new website. I was hoping it would be linked but I seem to have messed the link up. So please use this hyperlink to get there for now. It is a really cool site!

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Given the questions we have been asked lately and the untruths, half-truths, and deceptive statements others are making, maybe it is time to really explain heated clothing. And who better than us, the people who fixed or developed most of what you have seen in the last 15 years.
Let’s call this Heated Gear 101 and start out with clearing up misleading comments others make.
1.       No one uses copper wire to make the heat in the gear but everyone uses copper in the wire that carries power. the only time I ever heard of using copper wire to create the heat was when someone got the idea that they could use 22 gauge copper wire with a Teflon over mold to do a homemade heated vest. 18 years owning a cable and connector company, so I think I can tell you that was a dumb idea. Metals like copper and steel don’t like being heated and cooled over and over. They get brittle and break. And the Teflon over molding, that is actually referred to as plenum cable because it goes through the plenum of the heating and cooling ducts and the Teflon protects the wire from the changes in temperature.
2.       You can wash any of the heated clothing that is out there. The real players in this business build strong reliable products and you can wash it all.
3.       All heated gear designed for use on a motorcycle can be run off a battery. What do they think a motorcycle uses.
4.       Our liners heat up faster. In the old days, before the concept of running a number of short parallel panels was developed, people took 2 runs of heating wire to cover the whole vest. The speed of heating comes not just from the material used for heating but the shortness of the runs of each section.
5.       Can I feel the wires? Put the liner on and see if you feel the wires. We don’t use insulation in our liners so when you are looking at the liner off your body you will feel the wires. But put it on and then see if we placed the wires in way that you fine a problem. Can you even feel them? Remember, we ride, so we are going to design our gear for people who wear them day in and day out over months of time and then use it as a jacket at night. But you can also get our Softheat Gen 4 liner. And Yes it is “far inferred” ( I should add, yes it is carbon), we just don’t think it is some mystical heating system. It is warmer because the heating material is flat. Flat makes a greater contact patch, more coverage then more feeling of heat. But this stuff is a pain to work with. Every panel has 6 solder points to 2 solder points in traditional Nickel Chromium nano wire. That makes it a lot more expensive to manufacture. More on that in Heated Gear 102
6.       Our liner is 110 watts but it says 90 watts on the label so what gives. This magic number has to do with the voltage you measure at. At 13.8 volts our heated liner is the hottest out there. But can you get the 13.8 volts that a revved up bike will produce to the liner. If you adjust for resistance in the wires and the connection you could be at 12.8 volts. And if you are stopped at a light well you would be less. So I just made a command decision and said 90 watts at 12.8 volts. Then others say 105 watts at 13.8 volts. So I guess we need to start saying 110 watts at 13.8 volts / 90 watts at 12.8 volts. And again we are the warmest out there. Just do the numbers.

7. We just found a new one that a competitor has on their packaging. "This item may be covered by one or more patents...". Very good. They are not actually lying. It may be covered. It may not be covered. The fact that the item is not covered by any patents or the patents actually are not defendable since many of the things have been made by other companies for years, including us should tell you something. But it sounds good. It may be patented. Sort of like saying, "As seen on TV". It gives you a feeling there is something special about it when it is just another Chinese made product.

Latest News! Once again, for the 16th year, Mike & Sue were off on an extensive motorcycle trip! This time they were riding in September of 2010 in Europe with friends. Only for a month this time so hardly what I call extensive but for most people who for some reason think that testing gear a few hundred miles from home, in a place where their insurance works if they break down and they get to speak the same language as the locals, I suppose to them a month would be more than extensive. For us it one of the shortest trips we have done to test new product ideas. Of course since most people copy our designs it does amaze me why they would bother testing it since we do already.

Extensive trip to us is the three months from San Diego to El Salvador. Of course some of that was spent in Ocosingo Chiapas, the center of the Zapatista rebellion, dealing with a bike problem. Extensive trip means almost running out of gas in the mountains of Morocco, dodging the drug sellers. Then there is riding through Romania after the wall came down where the bread is grey or Albania ten years after the wall came down and seeing just how things have improved. Or going to a biker rally on an island off Croatia a year after the war ended to see bikers from Bosnia mixing with bikers from Croatia. Extensive trip means to us getting pulled over in Tunisia by a motorcycle cop that just wants to talk bikes. Extensive means riding to the ruins of Tikal and through the cloud forest in Guatemala.

Extensive trips to us means testing your gear in places where if they fail you are in deep trouble. Of course going over the Siskiyou in a snow storm can be a place where you need our headed gear too, but for testing, being in an ice storm in the mountains of Spain is going to put the gear to a better test.  

You can check out some of our trips on the following pages but bottom line, think about who makes your gear and how it is tested. I would love to have one of those nice adjustable wind screens with vents that redirect the heat from the engine on my body. But that is not going to tell me what I need to know, and while traveling two up for months at a time is hard, it tells us about the needs of the passenger. And always on one of our GTS1000s. 15 years old but we still love them.

So check out the following sites for some stories and photos and remember you are not just dealing with the inventors and developers of most of what is standard in this industry, you are dealing with real bikers that started out biking over 40 years ago. www.thejourneyisthegoal.com/trips  or http://s-ebers.blogspot.com/

Welcome to the website of Warm & Safe Heated Gear, the home of the Heat-troller, the authentic solid state DC power controller. All our products are Designed by Actual Bikers, us! People that Use the Products. You can trust our products because we have to. Our non-patented heated design is the best, most durable and safest method of heating. So say we all!

You already know that we make the most advanced controller and heated clothing in the market. We don't bother with patents because others in this business copy our designs anyway. And why not. When you actually use the products you make and have the technical know how to make advanced products, it means they need to copy just to keep up.

When you want to replace that tour master controller our new TM Adapter will allow you to use our heat-troller with the tourmaster gear • Just connects where the failed controller plugs in • Once connected you can plug a heat-troller or controller between the battery harness and the clothing just like normal. you find it on our accessories page!

Our products use our designed heating methods that include the use of hi-tech alloy micro wire in a protective heat transferring shell to produce safe, even and efficient heat. No hot spots! Our new, very secret, soft form heating system gives reliable and fast heat while also being soft and flexible and also no hotspots like in those other products. And Remember, it is about Truth, Justice and the Tao of Staying Warm!

Concerned that the full power liner will drain your battery, then Look at our new Liner line! A Full Liner with just 5 amp, about 65 watt draw! It's the perfect way to stay warm on that motor scooter!

Heated Liners are not just for Bikers, use them in the Car, in the Home, on the Job, on the Boat!